This company("KAPWISE") does not constitute any offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any financial products.No responsibility can be accepted if the information provided by you is incorrect or inaccurate The assumptions by their very nature would fluctuate over time and hence the projections highlighted could be somewhat different than illustrated.Sufficient care has been taken to ensure that the data collected from third party websites or other information sources are proper and reliable. However no liability is being assumed in regard to the accuracy of the said data. You acknowledge that the Risk Profile Report and financial plan suggested to you is based on the information provided by you to Kapwise Technologies Private Limited and on certain assumptions as stated in the Report.The suggested financial plan to achieve your financial goals may not be accurate or yield expected results if the information provided by you is incorrect or any of the assumptions made are rendered invalid due to uncontrollable external forces like change in interest rates, change in government policies, etc. Kapwise Technologies Private Limited is not engaged in rendering investment or financial advice, and you acknowledge and agree that the information, reports and other outputs provided by Kapwise Technologies Private Limited do not constitute the provision of financial advice or investment strategy recommendations for a client in any specific situation. You acknowledge that you will exercise your own independent judgment in using any of the information and reports provided by Kapwise Technologies Private Limited and that you will conduct separate research into the suitability of the Product for a particular financial situation, circumstances, attitudes, motivations and preferences. Kapwise Technologies Private Limited does not guarantee or represent that the Product assesses a client’s current state of mind or will predict a client’s future state of mind or behaviour. You have not relied on any representation made by Kapwise Technologies Private Limited which has not been expressly stated herein or upon any descriptions or illustrations or specifications contained in any document including catalogues or publicity material provided by Kapwise Technologies Private Limited. You agree to generally comply with the instructions and materials provided by Kapwise Technologies Private Limited for the use of the Product / Report. The factors, other than personality, which influence risk tolerance include financial know how and experience, as well as personal, family and work situations and aspirations. If there is a significant change in any of these, risk tolerance should be retested. This retesting is not only for your subsequent decision-making but also for review of decisions made before the change. It is advisable your risk tolerance should be re-tested every two or three years as it may change slowly with age. Kapwise Technologies Private Limited cannot endorse or support any specific decision you may make because we are not privy to all the other information that effective financial decision making requires. We strongly recommend to you that if implemented, this plan should be reviewed on a periodic basis to ensure that the actual performance of the plan is consistent in meeting your goals and update your plan annually to ensure that your plan is updated in line with your changing financial position as well as your goal.

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