Create your financial plan in minutes

Kapwise makes it easier for you to get start with planning in minutes not hours.You are just four steps away from creating your financial plan. See below


1. Create your free account

Simple sign in here, and create your free account using email or Google or Facebook account

2.Pay for your plan

To start creating your plan, you’ll need to pay nominal amount. You can pay using UPI and Net Banking. We also acceept Visa, MasterCard and Rupay Debit Cards.


3.Make your plan

Once you paid, you will have an access to tools to create your plan.Start putting your goals, finances and other details in the form provided. Once filled it will show the tentative plan using charts and tables.

4.Confirm and see your plan

Once you filled all the details in ther form.You will see a financial plan.At this point, you can edit or refill the detials provided. Once everything is ok,you can confirm your plan. Once confirmed,you cannot edit or make changes.

After confirmation, you can see your plan and the PDF contaning your financial plan will be emailed to you.


You don't need much money to start financial planning

No minimum assets needed, No high income needed to do financial plannning.You just need to have your financial goals to get started. Kapwise app is built to work under your situation to help you to achieve your financial goals.

Create your plan