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Kapwise helps middle income millennials to automate their financial planning .

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Do your overall financial planning by considering your spending, income, credit cards, loans, investment, risk appetite and taxes

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Whether you want to travel or buy a home or you need to make ends meet, kapwise can help you reach your financial goals

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Measure and improve your financial health based on your spending, saving, borrowing, and planning

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Know where you are with income, expenses, and overall cash flow

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What we do?

We are  building a financial wellness solution to help middle income millennials to plan, track and manage their finances.It allows users to see their holistic financial health on a single platform.So. that they become financially well, financially stress-free and financially independent

 Kapwise uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Techniques to help users to plan and manage financials easily, anytime , anywhere, guides in reducing debt, helps in avoiding unnecessary insurances and tells about lowering or cancelling bills

We are team  of engineers, Data Scientist, Designers and Accountants trying to solve financial wellbeing problem in India


Our Vision 

Our Vision is to improve the financial well-being of the people


Our Mission

Our Mission is to help middle income millennials  to  plan, manage and improve finances, save and invest for goals, manage taxes, pay off debt, take control, become Financially Well and Independent 


Our Aim

We aim at unlocking new possibilities, improving efficiency and productivity, and simplifying workflows and processes by utilizing latest technology which are secure, transparent and trustworthy.


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Kapwise helps middle income millennials to plan and manage financials

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